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Science Concepts
Every Project Teaches A Science Concept.
Exciting Projects
Hands On Learning
Scientific Methods
The Spa Themed Projects Serve As Special Appeal To Girls
The Interactive And Hands On Projects Provide Answers To Relevant Questions.
Participants Engage In Hands On Activities Including Experiments, Observations and Reporting 
The Projects Create An Opportunity To Apply The Scientific Method
Every Project Provides An Opportunity For Students To Express Their Creativity.
Lip Gloss, Bath Fizzies, Bubble Bath? Sugar Scrubs…. A Day at the Spa? No it’s a day at the Spa-ience Lab.

The Spaience Lab is an Engaging and Exciting Enrichment Program. It provides a robust learning experience that incorporates the elements of a STEAM (Science , Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) based Enrichment Program. 

 The Projects in the Spa-ience Lab have an exciting appeal to Girls and promotes the goal of encouraging and getting more girls interested in STEM fields/careers.

Sessions in the  Spaience Lab are  structured to provide an interactive and engaging learning experience whilst at the same time providing an opportunity for Exploration and Creativity.Each session provides a hands on experience that engage student in a variety of STEAM activities.

Each Spa-ience Lab Session includes learning a Science Concept through a Spaience Project as well as conducting exploratory experiments and a variety of applied activities that provide a well rounded STEAM based learning experience. Students engage in research activities, shared discussions and presentations.

The Spaience Lab encourages continuity in learning and exploration by providing students with a take home handout that also serve as a good way of keeping parents informed about what the kids are learning.

The Spa-ience Lab activities are created to align with the National Standards for STEM Education.

The Spaience Lab Creatively blends Educational Content, Engaging Activities and an Entertaining Experience.
Now STEM Enrichment programs just picked up some STEAM .

Projects Incorporate STEAM Subjects
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.
Spampering Day
STEM to STEAM for Girls

Participants Get To Spamper With The Products They Create At The Project Round Up Session.
Encourages Interest in STEM Subjects and Careers For Girls.
A Science Enrichment Program
Welcome To The Spaience Lab
Spaientists Today - Scientists Tomorrow 
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